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Honors & Awards

SNNU Annual  Excellent Teacher (2011-2012)


School  Affiliated

Guo  Haiwen

School  of History and Culture

Jia  Man

School  of Music

Yue  Dapeng

School  of Tourism and Environmental Studies

Mingde  Teacher Award

“Mingde Award” is established by Mr. Zhong Jianguo from Hongkong  to encourage and support students and teachers in most of China’s teacher  training universities and colleges. It, administered through China  International Culture Exchange Center and China International Culture  Exchange Foundation, awards once two years. Each time it awards three SNNU  teachers with RMB 50,000 yuan.

The recipients of the award this  year are Prof. Liu Shengliang, Prof. Chen Xiaoduan and Prof. Wang Yonghui.

Baosteel  Educational Fund Award for Teachers

Baosteel Educational Fund Award for Teachers is one of the most  prestigious educational awards which is solely funded by Baosteel Group  Corporation. It awards RMB 5000 yuan and RMB 10000 yuan respectively to the  recipients of its outstanding student and outstanding teacher award each  year.

The recipients of the outstanding teacher award this year are Prof.  Zhang Xinke, Prof. Wang Shuanghai and Prof. You Xuqun.

Model  Teachers (2011-2012)

Model  Teachers



School  Affiliated

Dai  Jun

School  of Politics and Economics

Liu  Yinchang

School  of Chinese Language and Literature

Yu  Gengzhe

School  of History and Culture

Yang  Jie

School  of Education

Gao  Fen

School  of Foreign Languages

Chen  Zhenli

School  of Mathematics and Information Science

Zhang  Zhiqi

School  of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

Gu  Wei

School  of Life Science

Xue  Liang

School  of Tourism and Environmental Studies

Yang  Xiaofan

School  of Physical Education

Pei  Xiaojun

School  of Journalism and Mass Communications

Zhang  Xinmei

School  of Music

Chen  Gang

School  of Fine Arts

Hu  Qiuling

International  Business School

Liu  Kun

International  School of Chinese Studies