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  The University has two doctoral dissertations named China’s One Hundred Outstanding Doctoral Dissertations and another two nominated China’s Outstanding Doctoral Dissertations.

     The University actively implements strategies for building a strong school in scientific research and has made steady progress in its research findings. Since the beginning of the national “Eleventh Five Year Plan”, the University has undertaken 315 research projects at or above the provincial- or ministerial-level in the area of humanities and social science, including 54 national Social Science Foundation projects and 68 Ministry of Education projects.

     The University has received awards for its 118 humanities and social science research findings at or above the provincial- or ministerial-level, published 306 academic works, 133 textbooks and 3385 academic papers in humanities and social science.

     The University has also undertaken 318 research projects in the area of natural science at or above the provincial- or ministerial-level, including 108 national Natural Science Foundation projects, 4 projects under the national “863 Project” (National High Technology Research and Development Program) and 1 preliminary special project under the “973 Program” (Major Project of Chinese National Programs for Fundamental Research and Development). Also in the area, 93 academic works and 4791 academic papers have been published, 18 research findings have received Shaanxi Provincial Science and Technology Awards, 95 research findings have been granted patents, including 92 invention patents and 3 new utility model patents.