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Center for Northwest Cross-border Ethnicity and Frontier Security unveiled



On May 12, Shaanxi Normal University unveiled its Research Center for Northwest Cross-border Ethnicity and Frontier Security, a State Ethnic Affairs Commission base, and held its first academic forum at the Educational Museum on its Chang’an campus.


More than SEAC 100 Experts and scholars in ethnological policy and relevant areas, SNNU officials, teachers and students attended the plaque unveiling ceremony anchored by SNNU vice president Feng Xudong.

SNNU CPC Committee vice secretary Lu Shengli welcomed the guests, thanked them for their support to the university, and briefed them about the university as well as the achievements in its ethnic education and research in ethnology and ethnological policy and related disciplines. He said after several years of efforts the university had developed several academic teams in ethnology and related disciplines with distinctive regional features and unique academic characteristics, whose strength would be further reinforced by the establishment of this SEAC. He hoped the base would adhere to CPCs ethnic policy, be problem oriented, utilize the rich ethnic resources in northwest China, conduct holistic, strategic and prospective research in northwest ethnic affairs and frontier security, so as to provide policy consultancy and intellectual service to facilitating the economic and social development, ethnic unity and frontier security.

Congratulating the university on the establishment of the Center, director Wang Aimin of Shaanxi Provincial Ethnic Affairs Commission affirmed its achievements in ethnic unity education and think-tank development, hoped the university would continue its good work and assured it of SPEACs support.

SEAC Research Department head Zhang Shibao announced the official document regarding the establishment of the third SEAC bases, SNNU Research Department of Social Sciences head Ma Ruiying announced the names of director, chief expert and academic committee members, before SEAC Research Office for Ethnic Theory and Policy vice director Zhang Junhao and Lu Shengli unveiling the plaque of the center and Yunnan Minzu University CPC Committee vice secretary Liu Rong congratulating the establishment on behalf of the institutions and representatives at the ceremony.

After the ceremony, Prof. Yao Dali of Fudan University, Prof. Wang Jianxin of Lanzhou University, Prof. Ding Hong of Minzu University of China, SNNU Prof. Huang Dayuan, and SEAC International Division former vice director Mr. Wu Jinguang presented their keynote speeches at the forum. In the afternoon, more than ten scholars from Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Institute of International Relations, Northwest University, Minzu University of China, Xinjiang Institute of Cultural Relics and Archeology and SNNU gave reports at the forum.

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