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14 scholars and 3 teams supported by Shaanxi provincial programs



Fourteen scholars and three research teams of Shaanxi Normal University have been selected in several Shaanxi provincial support programs, according to the notices released by CPC Shaanxi Committee’s organization department.

Seven SNNU scholars made into the provincial ‘Thousand Person Program’, including one in long-term creative talent program, one in short-term creative talent program, and five in youth program; and seven into the ‘Special Expenditure Program’, including three as leading talent, one as teaching master, and three as young top-notch talent.

The three teams were supported by the ‘Sanqin Scholar’ Creative Team Support Program.

Each full time ‘Thousand Person Program’ long-term creative talent program scholar will receive a subsidy of one million yuan, each short-term creative talent program scholar 500,000 yuan, and each youth program scholar 600,000 yuan, which is exempt from personal income tax.

Each ‘Special Expenditure Program’ leading scholar will receive a subsidy of up to one million yuan, each teacher 500,000 to 600,000 yuan, and each youth top-notch scholar 300,000 to two million yuan.

The principal investigator of ‘Sanqin Scholar’ Creative Team will receive an annual subsidy of 100,000 yuan and the team members 100,000 yuan, which is exempt from personal income tax.

Table of Scholars and Teams Supported


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