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2018 Graduation and Degree Conferment Ceremony for Graduate Students held



        On June 29, more than 2000 doctoral and master’s students received their graduation diplomas and degree certificates at the 2018 Graduation and Degree Conferment Ceremony for the Class of 2018 held at the Shanglin Gymnasium on Shaanxi Normal University’s Chang’an Campus in Xi’an, China.

         The ceremony began at 8:30 in the morning. SNNU presidents and officials Cheng Guangxu, You Xuqun, Lu Shengli, Ma Bohu, Yang Zupei, Feng Xudong, Dang Huaixing, Li Shen; Senior professors Zhou Weizhou, Fang Yu, Zhao Xueyong, Tian Zhenjun; officials from other departments and schools joined the graduating students and some parents and relatives at the event.

         President You Xuqun delivered a speech titled “Striving in the New Era”. He first congratulated the students on their graduation, thanked their advisers, other university faculty and staff and their family for the care, service and support. Using miracles happening on the ongoing World Cup Soccer Games as examples, he told the students that “happiness comes from striving”, and encourages them to turn the impossible to the possible.

         As a university president and an graduate adviser, he hoped the students could contribute to the state and the nation under any circumstance, do more meaningful things in their jobs, cultivate noble character, work diligently, dare to explore new territories and seek the truth. He also invited them to come back to visit the university regularly.

        SNNU CPC Committee vice secretary Lu Shengli hosted the ceremony. He hoped the students could inherit and continue the fine SNNU tradition.
Vice president Yang Zupei read the Decision to Commend Class 2018 Outstanding Graduate Students, and vice president Feng Xudong read the Decision to Appoint Class 2018 Graduating Students as Alumni Liaisons. The students commended and appointed were awarded the Certificates of Honor and Certificates of Appointment.

         Speaking on behalf of the faculty, Prof. Li Bingzhong of the School of History and Civilization told the students to go after their dreams, uphold truth, keep improving themselves, and make contribution to the peace and prosperity of humankind.

         Zhao Xiaosheng of the School of Education and Jia Mengfan of the School of Food Engineering and Nutritional Science spoke on behalf of the graduating doctoral and master’s students respectively. 

         Representatives of the class 2018 graduate students presented a gift, nearly 150,000 RMB yuan “Yiyuan” Caring Fund they donated, to the secretary Cheng and president You, which is to be used to aid those class 2022 new students who have financial difficulties.

         At the end of graduation ceremony, the graduating students stood up facing the SNNU banner and sang the SNNU anthem.
         The degree conferment ceremony followed the graduation ceremony.

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