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153 undergraduate second major students graduated



        On June 29, 153 Shaanxi Normal University students received their diplomas of Class 2018 undergraduate second majors from the School of Distance Education.

        Among them are three Finance majors, two Public Affairs Management majors, two Marketing majors, 12 Mathematics and Applied Mathematics Majors, 10 Chinese Language and Literature majors, and 124 English majors.
        145 of them also obtained Bachelor’s degrees for their undergraduate second majors.
        Since 2010, SNNU have been offering second major programs for those students who were able to take more courses beyond their own majors. It currently offers the eight majors of Chinese Language and Literature, Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, English, Finance, Computer Science and Technology, Marketing, Public Affairs Management, and Educational Techonology. Students in second major program can substitute eight credits for general education electives in their first major with eight credits they earn from second major courses.

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