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38 foreign young sinologists begin 2018 program in Xi'an



        On September 7, 38 foreign young sinologists from 26 countries began their Visiting Program at an opening ceremony held at the Chongyu Building on Shaanxi Normal University’s Yanta campus in Xi’an.

        The program is hosted by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, coordinated by Network of International Culturalink Entities and implemented by Shaanxi Provincial Department of Culture and Shaanxi Normal University.

        MCT’s International Cultural Liaison Bureau vice director Mr. Zhai Deyu, SPDC head Mr. Ren Zongzhe and CPC SNNU Committee vice secretary Lu Shengli joined the program trainees and their instructors at the opening ceremony.

        Three trainees from Ukraine, Chile and Tunisia spoke on behalf of their classmates, telling stories about their connection with China. They said China’s fast growth not only changed Chinese people’s life, but also provided Chinese wisdom and solutions to many global issues, so they would make good use of this opportunity to improve their academic levels and help push forward the exchange and mutual learning between China and other countries.

        Mr. Lu said the university hoped to use this program to improve its international cultural exchange and Chinese language and culture dissemination, establish friendly ties with these young sinologists and their institutions, and aim at higher level international academic and cultural exchanges.

        Mr. Ren said this program was included in the framework of the “Fifth Silk Road International Art Festival” and hoped the young sinologists could feel the cultural charm through the activities of the festival.

        Mr. Zhai said that he hoped the trainees could become bridges between China and other countries and envoys of Chinese culture after the program.

        Since its introduction in 2014, the program has had 413 young sinologists participating and has become increasingly popular with greater influence. The 2018 Program has admitted more than 200 trainees in seven classes held in spring, summer and autumn in the six Chinese cities of Chongqing, Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and Xi’an.

        Previously, SNNU has hosted the Program twice, which were participated by more than 50 foreign sinologists. Themed on “One Belt and One Road”, the Xi’an class will provide a three-day lecture series by experts Jia Pingwa, Wang Shuanghai, Zhou Weizhou and Zhang Jiancheng in the fields of Chinese literature, history, language, culture, media, society and international relations, followed by a week-long panel discussion and a visit to Chengdu city in Sichuan province. After the program completed, the trainees will maintain contacts with their Chinese mentors for further research and paper writing.

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