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SNNUers participate in 2018 Xi'an College Opening Ceremony



In the evening of September 13, thirty three Shaanxi Normal University freshmen students and parents joined 540 freshmen and parents from 23 universities in Xian city at the 2018 Xian College Opening Ceremony held at the Yongningmen Square outside the south city gate.

The high profile ancient-styled guest welcoming ceremony organized by the CPC Xian Committee and Xian Municipal Government was themed Meeting in the New Era, Falling in Love with Xian and meant to welcome the new students in an open and inclusive manner.

SNNU performers presented the street dance Pulse and minority dance Guri, along with many other performances presented by other universities.

CPC Xian Committee secretary Wang Yongkang, mayor Shangguan Jiqing, other local officials, CPC SNNU Committee vice secretary Ma Bohu, and officials from other universities attended the event.

After a grand Tang Dynasty style city entering ceremony, Wang Yongkang said in his speech that Students of Shaanxi Normal University are so happy, because they admission notice they have received was hand written with Chinese writing brush by retired professors. This is an inheritance to the Chinese history and culture, as well as respect for the new students. Lets give our applause to this 12-year old tradition of handwriting admission notice. He welcomed the students to Xian, saying it is an opportunity and destiny for you to come to this thousand-year old ancient capital. I wish you the best and hope you will realize your dream here.

Wang and Shangguan presented gifts to ten representatives of new students and took a gourp photo with them. Xian Jiaotong University president Wang Shuguo spoke on behalf of the universities at the ceremony, hoping the students would always remember what they were given, be open-minded, inclusive and caring.

Ma Bohu said in the interview by Xian Evening News that the ancient city of Xian is opening its arms to young students and talents with many supporting policies as it strives to build itself into a international metropolis. Shaanxi Normal University, as a teacher education institution, will continue its mission to train more excellent teachers. I hope these new students will become ideal-inspired, knowledgeable, qualified youth who can be tasked with the realization of Chinese dream.

One of the participants, a journalism major Yang Yue said she fell in love with Xian once she arrived and she was so proud of being an SNNUer.

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