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Chiduo wins lifetime achievement award in lexicography



On September 28, Prof. Chi Duo of Shaanxi Normal University’s School of Chinese Language and Literature was awarded Lifetime Achievement Award in the fourth Chinese Lexicography, at the 12thannual conference of China Lexicographers Association in Luohe, Henan province.

Prof. Chi is among the 11 lexicographers awarded, who are from institutions and publishers like Shanghai Lexicographical Publishing House, The Commercial Press, Language Institute of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Nanjing University and Peking University.

Prof. Chi has been dedicating herself to the national plan projects in lexicographical compilation since 1974. She was the leading senior editor of the Usage Dictionary of Ancient Chinese Function Words (1 million Chinese characters, Shaanxi People’s Publishing House, 1988), A Dictionary of Common Ancient Chinese Function Words (500,000 Chinese characters, Shaanxi People’s Publishing House, 1983), co-compiled A Pocket Dictionary of Poems of 1000 Masters (370,000 Chinese characters, Shaanxi People’s Publishing House, 1989), co-edited A Dictionary of Common Polysemous Words in Ancient Chinese for College and Middle School Students (1.1 million Chinese characters, Gansu People’s Publishing House, 1990), A Dictionary of“Guwen Guanzhi”, A Selection of Classical Chinese Essays (1.85 million Chinese characters, Shaanxi People’s Publishing House, 1999), and A Dictionary of Ancient Chinese (520,000 Chinese characters, Zhong Hua Book Company, 2004).

Her most significant work was spending 18 years to lead a 100-scholar team and complete the compilation of the 30 million Chinese characters A Dictionary of Thirteen Chinese Classics, which is praised as a enduring masterpiece. She also published research papers in lexicographical study.

The award is given to dedicated and achieving lexicographers, who are more than 70 years old and have more than 30 years experience in editing, compiling and research of lexicographical works. Twenty six lexicographers were awarded during 2005 and 2011 in the previous three lifetime achievement awards.

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