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Three teachers named Provincial Higher Institution Master Teacher



Three teachers of Shaanxi Normal University - Prof. Zheng Hairong, Prof. Li Shaomei and Prof. Liu Shengliang - have been named Higher Institution Master Teachers by Shaanxi Provincial Department of Education, as it released the list of 11thMaster Teachers.

So far, there are 26 provincial master teachers and two national master teachers at the university.

Since 2015, the university have selected 29 SNNU Master Teachers, from whom the provincial and national master teachers were further nominated and named.

Prof. Zheng (1962- ) is with the School of Physics and Information Technology and is dean of SNNU’s Graduate School. She is the vice director-general of Shaanxi Optical Association and her research area include laser spectroscopy, luminescence, surface enhanced spectroscopy, nano-luminescence materials, etc.

Prof. Li (1968- ) is with School of Education and is the director of Shaanxi Institute of Family Education and vice director of Shaanxi Institute of Pre-school Education. She was awarded Outstanding Teacher by BaoSteel Educational Fund and the 2ndSNNU Master Teacher.

Prof. Liu (1957- ) is with the School of Chinese Language and Literature and is a teaching supervisor of the university. His research interests include pre-Qin Dynasty and Western and Eastern Han Dynasties literature, and he was awarded the 1st SNNU Master Teacher.

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