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Memo of cooperation signed with Bangor University



On October 20, Shaanxi Normal University president You Xuqun met with Bangor University guests and signed a memorandum of exchange and cooperation with them at the Administrative Building on the university’s Chang’an campus..

The guests, Vice Chancellor and President John Hughes,Director of International Development and AlumniSheila O’Neil,and International Journal of the History of Sport chief editor and assistant to the president Fan Hong, were at SNNU to attended the 2018 International Conference on Sport History and Culture, which was hosted by SNNU and co-organized by Bangor University.

President You welcomed the guests at the meeting and praised the quality of higher education in Great Britain, in which Bangor University was a fine example. He said the two institutions were similar in discipline lineup, with particular advantages in education, literature, sports and arts, and hoped they could have practical cooperation such as faculty and student exchange and collaborative research in disciplines and areas of mutual interest.

President Hughes told the hosts his university used to be a teacher education institution and was known for its discipline of education. He said BU, surrounded by mountains and rivers, had the geographical advantage for outdoor sports, so the two institutions could start faculty and student exchange from competitive sports teams, and then extend to more disciplines and areas.

SNNU’s School of Physical Education dean Shi Bing hoped the two institutions would implement cooperation in faculty and student exchange, curriculum development and sports team exchange.

   You and Hughes signed the memorandum of exchange and cooperation on behalf of SNNU and BU.

    SNNU’s International Programs Office vice dean Zhang Lingyun and School of Physical Education vice dean Zhang Jing also attended the meeting.

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