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Alumnus Liu Yansui commended for innovation in poverty alleviation



On October 17 the fifth National Poverty Alleviation Day, Mr. Liu Yansui, a class 89 alumnus of Shaanxi Normal University, was commended with the 2018 National Award for Innovation in Poverty Alleviation, at the 2018 National Commendation Conference for Poverty Alleviation held in Beijing.

Mr. Liu is a researcher at the Institute of Geographical Resources of Chinese Academy of Science, the director of the Agricultural Geography and Rural Development Committee of the Geographical Society of China, and the director of the Center for Targeted Poverty Alleviation Evaluation and Research.

As the leader of National Third Party Evaluation Expert Group for Results of Targeted Poverty Alleviation, he led more than 1700 experts in developing a evaluation index system and technological standard, packages of technology for evaluation and investigation, a precise evaluation equipment, and a national evaluation and decision-making system for targeted poverty alleviation.

His team applied new technologies to ensure the subjectivity, justice and scientificity of the evaluation, improving work efficiency by 30% and reducing cost by 40%, and provided scientific evidences for result evaluation of poverty alleviation,  finishing the tasks of third party evaluation of targeted poverty alleviation and the exit evaluation of the first group of poverty-stricken counties for four consecutive years.

He also proposed an Island Effect theory for the cause of poverty and a model of engineering poverty alleviation, working with his team to build several demonstrative bases for poverty alleviation studies and submit several proposals of suggestion to Chinas top leadership and relevant departments and commissions.

The 2018 Award, which is given by the Leading Group for Poverty Alleviation Through Development of the China State Council, commends 99 individuals for excellence in Endeavour, Contribution, Dedication and Innovation.

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