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2018 number of Social Science Fund projects hits record high



Six projects of Shaanxi Normal University have been listed for approval as 2018 National Major Biding Projects of Social Science Fund, a record high exceeding the five projects in 2015, according to a notice released by the National Planning Office for Philosophy and Social Sciences.

The number of projects listed ranks No. 1 in western China, tenth nationwide, the third among normal universities, and the first among the first-class discipline construction universities.

Including the separate major project of national social science project in education approved earlier, SNNU has a total of seven major projects.

The seven projects are Social Cultural Psychological Mechanism in Building a Community with Shared Future for Humanity by Prof. You Xuqun of School of Psychology, Post House, Temple, Important Historical Sites and Literary Activities, Creation and Cultural Dissemination Along the Silk Road During Tang and Northern Song Dynasties by Prof. Liu Fengtao of School of Chinese Language and Literature, Study of Yanan Literature and Art and Modern China by SCLLs Prof. Yuan Shengyong, Study of Beiyang Group and Social Changes in Modern China by Prof. Zhang Huateng of School of History and Civilization, Compilation and Study of Ancient Chinese Documents in Stylistics by Prof. Dang Shengyuan, and History of Chinese Folk Religious Thoughts by Prof. Pu Wenqi (the last two projects are jointly submitted by SCLL and Institute of Advanced Studies in Humanity and Social Sciences).

So far in 2018, SNNU has 63 national social science fund projects approved, exceeding the previous high of 61 projects in 2015, which include seven major projects, four major special research projects, three key projects, 13 follow-up projects, and 36 other projects.

The number of its follow-up projects ranks the first nationwide, and the number of its obscure subject and country-specific history projects account for 50% of Shaanxi province projects and 4% of projects nationwide in these categories.

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