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Tajik ambassador Parviz Davlatzoda visits SNNU



On January 6, Tajik ambassador Parviz Davlatzoda visited Shaanxi Normal University, meeting SNNU vice president Ren Xiaowei at the universitys Administrative Building and touring the OBOR and Tajikistan Photo Exhibition held at Liuyi Building.

During the meeting, Ren Xiaowei briefed the guest of the host university and they exchanged ideas on issue of talent cultivation, academic exchange and publication. Ambassador Davlatzoda said he was willing to facilitate cooperation between the two sides as a bridge between China and Tajikistan in educational exchange and cooperation. He also vowed to give full support to the Center for Tajik Studies at SNNU, which he thought was significant in enhancing understanding and mutual trust between China and Tajikistan.

SNNU International Programs Office director Xu Feng, School of History and Civilization He Zhilong, and Center of Tajik Studies director Han Zhongyi attended the meeting.

Mr. Davlatzoda and Ren Xiaowei witnessed the opening of OBOR and Tajikistan Photo Exhibition, which exhibits more than 100 photos in six parts including high-level visits, exchange and cooperation, natural scenery, local customs, culture and architecture, and Tajik studies at SNNU.

Mr. Davlatzoda also visited SNNU Museum of Education.

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