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University of Chester delegation visit SNNU



On April 12, a delegation headed by president Tim Wheeler and Business Research Institute executive director Phil Harris of University of Chester of the U.K. visited Shaanxi Normal University, who were received by SNNU president You Xuqun and vice president Ren Xiaowei at the Administration Building on Changan campus.

You Xuqun welcomed the guests and briefed them about the university. He said that the British higher education was renowned for its high quality and its emphasis on undergraduate education and practice in undergraduate tutorial system were valuable experience for other universities. He added that the similarity between the two institutions in aspects such as school history and disciplinary settings laid foundation for cooperation, which he hoped could begin from education and psychology and then extend to other areas.

Tim Wheeler said UC was the first teacher education higher institution in the U.K. and education and psychology were their traditional advantageous subjects. He continued that the 2000-year old Roman city of Chester and the ancient capital city of Xian were platforms for various exchange and cooperative programs, and hoped the two institutions would cooperate in faculty and student exchange, undergraduate overseas intern program, academic research, and joint international conference.

After the meeting, the British guests visited the SNNU Museum of Education and the Ministry of Education Engineering Research Center of Historical and Cultural Heritage Protection at SNNUs School of Materials Science and Engineering.

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