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UNESCO assistant director-general Nada Al-Nashif visits SNNU



On May 18, Ms Nada Al-Nashif, UNESCO assistant director-general for society, humanities and science, visited Shaanxi Normal University, following the Conference on Dialogue of Asian Civilizations in Beijing.

Visiting with her was Mr. Frederick Russell-Rivoallan, a science and society project expert with the China Office of UNESCO, and Ms Wei Xia, who is with the secretariat of National Committee of UNESCO China.

Officials Li Anjun, Zhou Chunzhuang and Du Hongjun from the Foreign Affairs Office of Shaanxi Provincial Government accompanied the guests.

During the visit, the guests talked with SNNU leadership and experts on the prospects and feasible projects of cooperation under the framework of OBOR Initiative between UNESCO and SNNU.

SNNU president You Xuqun briefed the guests about SNNU’s featured research on OBOR, and put forward proposals for cooperation.

You presented the Dictionary on the Silk Road, which is compiled by SNNU professor Zhou Weizhou, to Ms Nada Al-Nashif as a gift.

At the meeting, an international student studying at SNNU told Ms Nada Al-Nashif about his study and life at the university and his future plan.

Vice dean Ma Tao of Shaanxi Provincial Institute for Cultural Relics Preservation and researcher Yan Jianbin of Shaanxi Society for Promotion of Festive Culture briefed Ms Nada Al-Nashif about the preservation of cultural relics and non-intangible cultural heritages in Shaanxi Province.

Ms Jing Ping, an inheritor of Shaanxi non-intangible cultural heritage, briefed Ms Nada Al-Nashif about Fengxiang Clay Sculpture.

Ms Nada Al-Nashif thanked the hosts for their hospitality and commended the university for its disciplinary advantages, its work in think tank development and the international cooperation under the framework of OBOR Initiative. She briefed the hosts about UNESCO’s efforts and arrangements in the preservation of non-intangible cultural heritages, and hoped SNNU could work and share educational resources with UNESCO in areas such as women’s education and teacher training in underdeveloped countries. She also agreed to support SNNU in obtaining teaching positions offered by UNESCO.

Officials from SNNU’s School of Chinese Language and Literature, School of History and Civilization, International School of Chinese Studies, Department of Social Sciences, International Programs Office, Engineering Research Center for Preservation of Historical and Cultural Heritages, Center for Uzbek Studies, Center for Turkish Studies, Center for Afghan Studies and International Student Office attended the meeting.

After the meeting, the guests visited SNNU’s Museum of Education.

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