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Center for Natural Resources and Ecological Civilization unveiled



On April 9, the Center for Natural Resources and Ecological Civilization jointly founded by Shaanxi Normal University and Shaanxi Provincial Institute of Geological Survey was unveiled at a ceremony in southern Shaanxis Hanzhong city.

SNNU vice president Dang Huaixing and SPIGS vice dean unveiled the plaque of the center.

The unveiling was held at the launching ceremony of the sixth Sino-Czech International Joint Investigation of Hanzhong Dolines, which is sponsored by the R&D Center of China Geological Survey, SPIGS, Hanzhong Municipal Government and SNNU.

Since May, 2016, SPIGS has organized five surveys on Hanzhong dolines, which consist of 54 dolines discovered so far amid Qinling-Daba Mountains, accounting for nearly one-third of the dolines in the world. These geological landscapes are the first of its kind that are discovered at the northern-most rim of humid tropical and subtropical Karst geomorphic area and are of high research value.

The center aims to apply and undertake research projects, conduct geographic research, carry out science popularization work, organize geographic summer camp, host academic meeting, train professionals, and transform research findings into applications.

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