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Undergraduate Class of 2019 Commencement held



On June 27, Shaanxi Normal Universitys 4259 class of 2019 undergraduate students convened in the Shanglin Gymnasium on its Changan campus for the 2019 commencement ceremony.

SNNU presidents and officials Cheng Guangxu, You Xuqun, Ma Bohu, Wang Yongan, Dang Huaixing, Li Lei, Ren Xiaowei, Dong Zhibao, national master teacher Fu Gangshan and SNNU leading scientist Li Yuhu, sixth outstanding alumni Wang Dianjun, Wang Peidong, Cheng Cailing and deans and officials of schools and departments joined the students at the event.

After congratulating the graduating students, President You Xuqun said in his speech titled Let the Western Red Candle Spirit Shine in This New Era that more than 2000 class of 2019 graduates had chosen to work in the teaching profession. Among them, public-funded teacher-oriented student Zhang Wanxia is going to be a middle school teacher in Huangyuan county in the northwestern Qinghai province, and Yang Yibu is going to work in the frontier Shaya county in the Xinjiang Autonomous Region.

He said that for the past 75 years thousands of SNNU alumni have worked in Chinas west provinces and regions with their determined aspiration, faith and dedication, which boiled down to the Western Red Candle Spirit. He urged the class of 2019 students could devote themselves to grassroots basic educational facilities where they were needed the most.

Wang Dianjun, headmaster of Qsinghua University Middle School and a class of 1981 alumnus, Wang Peidong, headmaster of Xian Jiaotong University Middle School and a class 1984 alumnus, and Wang Cailing, headmaster of Urumqi Bayi Middle School and a class of 1988 alumna were named the sixth SNNU Outstanding Alumni, and they received the honorary certificates from CPC SNNU Committee secretary Cheng Guangxu and president You Xuqun.

In his acceptance speech, Wang Dianjun shared his SNNU memories and working experiences, saying he was proud of being an SNNU alumnus and hoping the students could make their alma mater proud in the future.

CPC SNNU Committee vice secretaries Wang Yongan and Lu Shengli announced the names of Excellent Graduates and Alumni Liaisons respectively.

Representatives of class of 2019 presented a gift to the alma mater - a Yiyuan Care Foundation of more than 140,000 RMB yuan they donated, which will be used to aid class of 2023 freshmen who are from families of limited resources.

They also gave flowers to thank representatives of librarians, administrative staff, security guards, dorm supervisors, chefs, and cleaning crews.

Speaking on behalf of the teachers, Prof. Yu Gengzhe of the School of History and Civilization encouraged the students to maintain the courage to explore the unknown after they leave school.

Chen Yuting of School of Chinese Language and Literature and Weng Ziyu of the School of Physics and Information Technology spoke on behalf of non-teacher oritented students and teacher-oriented students.

Weng Ziyu also led the students in their vow, committing themselves to the promises to their alma mater and the motherland.

In the end, after the airing and singing of the School Song, SNNU officials walked around the gymnasium to shake hands with the students, waving farewell and bidding wishes to them.

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