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SCO secretary-general Vladimir Norov visits SNNU



On May 11, Shanghai Cooperation Organization secretary-general Mr. Vladimir Norov visited Shaanxi Normal University.

Mr. Norov was on his trip to attend the Fourth Silk Road Exposition in Xian, and he was accompanied by SCO Secretariat director Li Wenxin and secretary Mr. Samedinov.

They met with CPC SNNU Committee secretary Cheng Guangxu, SNNU president You Xuqun, vice president Dang Huaixing and members of CPC SNNU Standing Committee Ma Xiaoyun and Li Guian.

At the meeting, Cheng Guangxu briefed the guests of the university and its participation in the OBOR construction. Mr. Norov said he was impressed by SNNUs  profound history accumulation, multidisciplinary construction, unique think tank and extensive international links, and hoped the university could use its regional characteristics and advantages to further its cooperation with universities and think tanks in OBOR countries under SCO framework.

You Xuqun discussed with Mr. Norov about the prospect of cooperation with SCO on educational and cultural exchange and scientific research, as well as the forthcoming international symposium organized by SCO. He also said SNNU wished to join the list of SCO universities. To which, Mr. Norov responded that he was willing to be a bridge between SNNU and SCO, helping with the educational cooperation between SNNU and SCO countries and regions.

Also attending the meeting were officials from the Institute of OBOR Cultures, Center for Uzbek Studies, Institute of Western Frontier Region in China, Center for Russian Studies, Center for Turkish Studies, Center for Studies on Northwestern Cross-border Ethnic Groups and Border Security, Graduate School, Department of Social Sciences, International Programs Office, SNNU General Publishing House, School of Philosophy and Government, School of Chinese Language and Literature, School of History and Culture, School of Education, School of Psychology, School of Foreign Languages, School of Journalism and Communications, School of Music, School of Fine Arts, International Business School, International School of Chinese Studies, and International Student Office.

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