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1055 alumni of Class of '89 reunite at SNNU



        On July 27, 1055 Shaanxi Normal University alumni of Class of '89 reunited at the Zhongnan Concert Hall on its Chang'an campus, attending the annual 30-year Alumni Homecoming Day celebration and other events.

        Current SNNU officials, some of the school, department officials and teachers at the time of 1989, directors and secretary-generals of branch alumni associations, SNNU school and department heads, and some faculty and students joined the class of '89 alumni at the meeting, which was hosted by CPC SNNU Committee vice secretary Lu Shengli.

        In his speech, SNNU president You Xuqun said the university had made considerable progress and achievements during the past 30 years, in talent cultivation, discipline construction, scientific research, international exchange and communication, and campus development. He said these achievements were the results of the hard work of generations of SNNUers and alumni, and he expressed his gratitude and respect on behalf of the university to them.

        He hoped the alumni could continue to keep track of and involve themselves in SNNU’s development, through more exchange and cooperation, towards the goal of building SNNU to be a distinctive world class comprehensive research-oriented university featuring teacher education by 2024.

        CPC SNNU Committee secretary Cheng Guangxu presented gifts - copies of SNNU Stories - to the alumni, and representatives of alumni in return presented bouquets to their old university and department officials and teachers.

        CPC SNNU Committee vice secretary Lu Shengli said the class of ‘89 alumni had become the pillars in their walks of life contributing to China’s economic construction and social progress, especially in the educational course, while SNNU rooting itself in China’s west and serving the nation with its teacher education. He hoped they could continue to support SNNU’s development and work together for its better future.

          Mr. Hou Yuhai, who was the vice dean of the Department of Foreign Languages for class of ‘89 , recounted the students’ days at school, expecting them to come back often.

        Mr. Yang Jianxiong, who was an instructor with the Department of Biology for class of ‘89, said that students and their alma mater were inseparable, and the alumni across the world was the foundation shining the university’s name and supporting its development.

        Beijing Jingyuan School vice principal Lei Fengli, who was a class ‘89 student in the Department of Geography, said that SNNU’s honest and persistent spirit and aspirational and actional orientation had been his source of power to work in basic education for 30 years. He also presented his calligraphic work On Teaching to the alma mater.

        Mr. Liu Ce, a teacher from Xi’an No. 66 Middle School and a class ‘89 student in the Department of Physical Education, thanked the alma mater and teachers for empowering him with teacher’s quality, teaching ability, seed of unity and harmony, and power of faith, calling on everyone present to stick to their original aspiration of education.

        After the ceremony, the alumni returned to their former departments, now schools, for a visit.

        Representatives of alumni associations attended the 2019 annual meeting of the SNNU General Alumni Association.

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