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Online instruction begins for spring semester



On February 17, Shaanxi Normal University began online instruction for its students, on the day which was supposed to be the opening day of the 2020 spring semester.

On this first day of new semester, 721 undergraduate courses offered by 20 schools are available to the students.

During the semester, a total of 1641 undergraduate courses will be available online, accounting for 91.73% of the originally planned 1789 courses, taught by 1408 teachers.
Of these courses, 676 are offered on the Blackboard Learn+ platform, which has been in extensive use by the university for many years, 208 on Chaoxing study platform, and 266 on Chinese university MOOC platform (

For graduate students, 16 schools, institutes and centers began 57 online courses on the first day. A total of 470 courses will be open to them via platforms such as’s Xuexi365,’s Rain Classroom, Tencent Classroom, Chinese university MOOC, and Blackboard, as well as through instant messengers QQ and WeChat.

To enable students access on-campus digital resourses, the university’s Network Information Center has compiled a operation manual for the webVNP system and expanded the network capacity.

Student Affairs Department has made an emergency funding plan to help those students who do not have broadband internet access at home or an abundant data plan, to make sure that no student is left without access to online instruction.

In the afternoon, university officials Cheng Guangxu, You Xuqun, Lu Shengli, Dang Huaixing, Dong Zhibao, Ma Xiaoyun and Li Gui’an met to monitor the online instruction. They talked online with some instructors and thanked them for the hard work during this special time.

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