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Historical Cultural Heritage Preservation Engineering Center passes MOE assessment



The Ministry of Education Engineering Center for Historical and Cultural Heritage Preservation at Shaanxi Normal University has passed MOEs 2019 assessment with good results, according to a notice released by MOEs Science and Technology Division.

The Center, established in 2006 at SNNU’s School of Materials Science and Engineering under the directorship of Prof. Li Yuhu, has explored and developed proprietary technologies in preserving, restoring and repairing ancient murals, color paintings on cultural relics and buildings, paper archives and antique calligraphy and paintings, photographic image files, earthen ruins and brick and stone relics, and surrounding and collective containers. It has become a platform of development which integrates research, engineering project, industrial development and talent cultivation.

Seventy four centers in the areas of energy and mining, environment and textiles,  civic engineering, water conservation and architecture have passed this assessment carried out by a third party assessing agency.

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