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SNNU postgraduates use Cloud Classroom to help teach mountain school students



For the past month during the COVID-19 epidemic, a group of Shaanxi Normal University postgraduate students set up Cloud Classrooms to help primary students in Shanyang county in their off-school distance learning.

These postgraduates, Wang Jun, Zhu Quan, Meng Ying, Lu Liu, Wang Miaomiao, Yang Yunxue, Zhang Ziwei, Yang Guoqiang and Cao Zhou, are all young students born on or after 1995.

The students they tutored online are from the Liujiacun Project Hope Primary School in southern Shaanxi province’s Shanyang county, which was built with donation from Shaanxi Normal University in 2004.

It is also a social practice and volunteering service base for SNNU’s postgraduates. SNNU students would visit the school each year to offer volunteer teaching.

The coronavirus epidemic forced the shut down of Liujiacun Primary School and posed problems for the teaching in the spring semester. “We have only limited resources in this mountainous area, and in many cases two children in one household have to share one smart phone. Besides, many of our elder teachers are not so familiar with new technologies such as online classroom software.” said Li Yeqiang, headmaster of the school.

After learning this difficulty, SNNU Postgraduate Association and Xingzhi Public Welfare Association proposed the Join hands to keep class going online volunteering teaching initiative. Fifty four SNNU postgraduates signed up for the initiative to help teach more than 180 Liujiacun students.

They helped local Liujiacun teachers through the one-two-many Vacation Online Classroom, helping them learning the grade one to six subject knowledge in Chinese Language, Mathematics and English.

They also offered one-on-one online tutoring after group class through WeChat and QQ to students in households with financial difficulties.

Despite their own works of study and research, they designed PowerPoint presentations, shot video instruction clips, used new media methods such as Weibo and Meipai to bring new experience to the students, and arouse their interests.

Lu Liu, who joined the initiative from her home, said that “My hometown is a small city in Hubei province. I feel obliged and proud to be part of the fight against the coronavirus.”

The Cloud Class won applauds from local teachers and parents. One parent said, “The kids really liked the style and the atmosphere of the cloud class. Though they cannot go back to school ti sit in a classroom, they are learning new knowledge each day.”

“In this special time when Chinese people are fighting against the epidemic, our students use their actions to illustrate the patriotism and sense of responsibility”, said CPC SNNU Committee vice secretary Wang Yong’an.

So far, the Cloud Class has been ongoing for more than one month and received wide coverage from media outlets such as, China Youth Daily,,,,,,, Xian Evening News, Shaanxi TV Station, Xian TV Station, etc.

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