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Graduating class of SNNU Affiliated Middle School returns to campus



On the morning of March 30, the Senior Grade Three students of Shaanxi Normal Universitys Affiliated Middle School returned to campus to resume class.

Principal Feng Jun, vice principals Zhang Fan, Guo Sheng and Gao Liwen and other faculty and staff waited and welcomed the students at the east and west gates.

Students lined up at the school gate at 1.5 meters space from each other, had their temperature check before entering campus.

Their head teacher checked their temperature for a second time after entering classroom, and would maintain the Daily Report and Zero Report systems, keeping a close observation of the health status of the faculty and students.

All the Senior Grade Three students are scattered in twelve nonadjacent classrooms on three floors of the classroom building, with one backup classroom for each class.

The desks and chairs are place loosely with maximum possible distance, and windows are opened periodically to ensure ventilation.

At lunch and dinner time, their visits to the canteen are scheduled with intervals and each of them sits on one table facing the same direction.

Each day, the school will carry out three full scale disinfection of the public activity areas to ensure the safety.

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