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International students in China return to campus



Starting May 14, Shaanxi Normal University’s international students who have been in China during the past few months began to return to campus to resume class.

“Students living on the first floor please come for registration between 8:30 and 9:00, and students on the second floor please come between 9:00 and 9:30 ...” “For students living on Chang’an campus, we will arrange a school bus to transport you to and from Yanta campus.” “All students are required to wear face masks, come during designated time period, and keep social distance.” On the night of May 13, student councilors of SNNU’s International School of Chinese Studies visited students’ dorms and reminded them of the arrangements and requirements.

On May 14, seventy one students living in students’ dorms on Yanta campus and twenty students on Chang’an campus reported to the International Student Office for registration. They had their temperature checked, watched video on COVID-19 prevention and control, received PPE supplies, filled out relevant registration forms, and received their class schedules.

They were rejoiced to return to classroom, saying they felt lucky that they had chosen to stay on campus during the winter vacation, for China was the safest place in the world during the coronavirus pandemic.

On May 15, eleven students of the graduating class who had been stuck in Shaanxi province returned to the university. After luggage disinfection, temperature check, health code examination and identification verification, they stepped into the familiar campus.

On May 16 and 17, seven students from other places outside Shaanxi province and 34 students who had been staying off-campus in Xi’an city returned to school.

On 10:20 am May 17, Sana from Kazakhstan, the last one of the 143 international students who had been staying in China and requested to return to school, finished registration procedures.  

These returned students will receive face-to-face classroom instruction, while other international students in different parts and timezones of the world will continue to have online live streaming class and recorded video instruction.

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