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Beautiful Gardener Educational Foundation guests visit SNNU



On August 28, a delegation headed by Shenzhen Beautiful Gardener Educational Foundation vice director-general Cai Fangxin visited Shaanxi Normal University.

SNNU president You Xuqun, CPC SNNU Committee vice secretary and Educational Foundation director-general Lu Shengli met with Mr. Cai, who is also the board chairman of Shouchen Holding (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

You thanked BGEF’s support to the university over the years. With its support, SNNU implemented basic education development plan in LInxia Hui Autonomous Region during 2013 and 2015, and basic education quality improvement coordinated innovation plan in Qingyang city, during 2016 and 2018, in Gansu province, promoting basic education development through designing educational development plans, training primary and middle school headmasters and subject backbone teachers, and provide aids to kindergartens, primary and middle schools. He also delineated the university’s mission, history and vision, and hoped BGEF would continue to support SNNU in joint effort to boost the educational development in northwest China.

Cai thanked SNNU for the support to the BGEF and hoped the university would use its resources to provide support to Qingyang basic education for another three years, so as to consolidate its basis for further development, and contribute to the overall economic development and social progress of the area.

Beautiful Gardener Educational Foundation is a non-public foundation by alumni of EMBA program of Tsinghua University. It aims to promote the beautiful spirit of teachers, improve their teaching skills, nurture beautiful outstanding students, so as to contribute to the development of a beautiful China. It focuses on supporting teachers to promote the educational development in old revolutionary base areas, areas with concentrations of ethnic minorities, border areas, and areas with relatively high incidences of poverty.

Also on BGEF delegation are Luan Shaobo, director of Poverty Relief Office of Beijing Normal University Educational Group and Commissioner of Charity of BGEF Program Secretariat, and Ju Tong, assistant director of Social Service Department of Beijing Normal University Educational Training Center and Commissioner of Charity of BGEF Program Secretariat.

SNNU General Administrative Office director Xin Feng, Educational Foundation secretary-general Liu Jianbin, and Teacher Education Office director Li Tiesheng attended the meeting.

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