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SNNU Qinling Mountains and Yellow River Research Centers established



On September 29, Shaanxi Normal University inaugurated its Qinling Mountains Research Center and Yellow River Research Center at a ceremony held at its Museum of Education on Changan campus.

Shaanxi Provincial People’s Political Consultation Conference vice chairperson Li Dongyu, SNNU vice president Dang Huaixing, Xi’an Municipal Association for Science and Technology vice chairperson Geng Zhanjun, joined SNNU and invited experts and more than 100 teachers and students of Institute of Historical Environment and Economic and Social Development in Northwest China at the event.

Dang Huaixing said the establishment of the two centers were an answer to the nation’s call to serve China’s strategic needs and called on the researchers to carry on the responsibility and make their contribution.

Li Dongyu, Dang Huaixing, Geng Zhanjun and director of SNNU Department of Social Sciences Ma Ruiying unveiled the plaques of the two centers.

Li Dongyu hoped the researchers would make good use of the think tank platforms to turnout influential achievements, so as to contribute SNNU wisdom in the ecological protection and high quality development of the Qinling Mountains and the Yellow River Basin.

In the academic report sessions after the ceremony, Chinese Academy of Sciences Prof. Chen Yiping, Chang’an University Prof. Qian Hui, and SNNU Prof. Fang Lan presented their studies.

SNNU Qinling Mountains Research Center focuses on the ecological protection of Qinling Mountains and the construction of city cluster on the Guanzhong (Central Shaanxi) Plains, and aims to integrate SNNU resources to carry out research from multiple angles, from multiple levels, and through multiple channels, in an effort to push forward school-government cooperation and aid in the decision-making of local government.

       SNNU Yellow River Research Center focuses on the ecological protection and high quality development of Yellow River basin, and aims to provide an SNNU solution to the harmonious development of ecological civilization of the area.

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