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Aeolian Geomorphologic Map of Mars wins Peixiu award gold medal



The Aeolian Geomorphologic Map of Mars published by a Shaanxi Normal University team led by Prof. Dong Zhibao won a gold medal in the 2020 Peixiu Award for China Outstanding Maps, as Chinese Society of Geodesy Photogrammetry and Cartography released the award on October 9.

Prof. Dong is a vice president of the university and the dean of its Institute of Planetary Aeolian Science.

The Map, first of its kind in China, features the aeolian geomorphology of the Mars, filling in the blank of specialized maps in Mars studies. It serves as an important fundamental data for China's Mars studies and comparative planetary studies, and provides a solid basis for the development of China's aeolian geomorphology of Mars, helping in China's space exploration programs.

To facilitate research, Dong's team introduced a foreign-made portable aeolian dynamic outdoor wind tunnel, the only one in China. The equipment will also be used by them in the studies of high latitude Mars-like environment.

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