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Shaanxi Research Center for Care of Next Generation established at SNNU



On March 31, Shaanxi Province Center for the Care of the Next Generation was established at a ceremony held at Shaanxi Normal University in Xian.

Shaanxi Working Committee for the Care of the Next Generation director and CPC SNNU Committee secretary Li Zhongjun attended and spoke at the ceremony.

       SWCCNG vice director Lei Qunkun read a letter from Liang Gui, member of CPC Shaanxi Provincial Standing Committee and executive vice governor of Shaanxi province. In the letter, Liang said that young people were the future of the country and hope of the future, so research into their ideological and moral education and healthy growth was a meaningful and innovative work. He hoped that SWCCNG and SNNU would bring their respective strengths into the center and would contribute to the all-around development of young people in Shaanxi province through moral, intellectual, physical, aesthetics and labour education.

The center’s work includes research in the characteristics and mechanics of ideological and moral education of young people, and in hot issues and difficulties in adolescent education, providing evaluation and consultation for relevant activities and tasks, carrying out training, guidance and review of practitioners, and engaging in joint-research programs.

Li Zhongjun said that SNNU’s educational objectives corresponded with the tasks of SWCCNG, and SNNU’s educational characteristics and disciplinary strengths laid a solid foundation for the center’s work. He vowed to pull the institution’s resources to build a high-level research and practice platform, striving for research breakthroughs and intellectual support.

Zheng Xiaoming told the researchers at the center to find and study problems in the real world in a long-term systematic approach, turn their findings into textbooks, and work hard to improve the work of care for the next generation in Shaanxi province.

CPC SNNU Committee vice secretary Wang Yong’an read the Notice on Establishing Shaanxi Province Center for the Care of the Next Generation, and SWCCNG vice director and secretary-general Jiang Huili and SNNU Working Committee for Care of Next Generation director Ma Xiaoyun signed the agreement to co-build the center.

Officials from Xinhua News Agency Shaanxi Branch, Shaanxi Academy of Social Sciences, Education Working Committee of CPC Shaanxi Provincial Committee, Shaanxi Provincial Department of Education, Shaanxi Provincial Communist Youth League Committee, Shaanxi Provincial Women’s Federation, representatives from local Committees for Care of Next Generation, universities and colleges, SNNU and reporters from media outlets attended the ceremony.

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