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Class 1991 alumni mark 30th anniversary of graduation in a reunion



In the morning of July 31, about 600 Shaanxi Normal University class 1991 alumni come back to the alma matar to commemorate the 30th anniversary of their graduation.

They attended the commemorative meeting held at the Shanglin Gymnasium on the university’s Chang’an campus.

CPC SNNU Committee secretary Li Zhongjun, president and vice secretary You Xuqun, vice secretaries Lu Shengli and Wang Yong’an, vice presidents Yang Zupei, Dang Huaixing, Li Lei, standing committee members Ma Xiaoyun, Luo Yonghui, Li Gui’an, former secretary Xie Zhengzhong, former vice secretary Wu Guoling, department officials and teachers of class 1991, directors and secretary-generals of alumni associations, and current school and department heads attended the event.

Out of consideration of COVID prevention, parallel sessions were held in 14 schools, live-broadcasting the event happening at the main venue of Shanglin Gymnasium.

You Xuqun said in his speech that SNNU’s development and change are the results of joint endeavor of generation’s of SNNUers, as well as the support of the alumni. He said, “The alumni, inheriting and carry forwarding SNNU’s “Western Red Candle Spirit”, have made significant contribution to societal development and won widespread acclaim for their alma mater.” “The alumni are the best representation of SNNU’s talent cultivation, SNNU’s brightest brand mark, and the most reliable supporting power of SNNU’s development.” He hoped this commemoration would become a start of all-around, wide-ranging and multilevel cooperation between the alumni and the alma mater, leading to win-win and mutual promoting development. He called upon the alumni to continue to tell SNNU stories, spread SNNU voice and inherit SNNU spirit, and help make SNNU known to more people and win SNNU more attention and support.

Ms Wang Shulan, former teacher of the Department of Education, spoke on behalf of the teachers of class 1991. She remembered the students’ life on campus 30 years ago, encouraged them to maintain a healthy and steady emotion, a clear self-consciousness, optimistic and strong character, and meaningful value orientation, correctly treating the relationships with themselves, with others and with the society.

Zeng Qi, a class 1991 alumnus of the Department of Chinese Language and Literature, said that choosing SNNU means to choose to be a teacher, which requires the spirit and will power of enduring hardship and loneliness, and always be ready to devote themselves.

Wang Juan, a class 1991 alumnae of the Department of Mathematics, expressed her gratitude to her teachers, classmates and the alma mater, saying SNNU has illuminated students’ direction of advance like a beacon.

At the meeting, the School of Chinese Language and Literature, School of Mathematics and Statistics, Guangxi Alumni Association, Chongqing Alumni Association, Jiangsu Alumni Association were commended as the 2020 Advanced Group in Alumni Work.

After the meeting, the attending alumni visited their old schools, and the representatives of alumni associations attended the 2021 annual meeting of the Assembly of Alumni Associations.

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