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2018-1-29 Dr. Wenjie Liang:Nanomaterials and Structures of Sensitive Charge Devices

Title of Lecture:Nanomaterials and Structures of Sensitive Charge Devices

Lecturer:Dr. Wenjie Liang



Venue:Academic Hall (2307), School of Materials Science and Engineering, Chang’an Campus

Hosted by:School of Materials Science and Engineering

Profile of the Lecturer:Dr. Wenjie Liang is a researcher of Institute of Physics CAS. After graduated from Department of Physics at Tsinghua University and completed his Ph.D in physical chemistry from Harvard University in 2005, He was a postdoctor at the National Laboratory of the University of California at Berkeley and Lorelens Berkeley. In 2009, he become researcher Institute of Physics and been selected hundred people plan of Chinese Academy of Sciences. Then, Dr. liang become the group leader in Physics Nanophysics and Devices Laboratory of single-molecule and nanostructured electron transport research. His main research is devoted to the electron transport properties of new nanosystems and single-molecule transistors and novel transmission properties of electrons, phonons and photons in low-dimensional constrained systems. Up to now, he had a lot of important achievements in nano-optoelectronic devices research fields and which are published in science and nature and other famous publications. He has also been ranked Elsevier China's highly cited scholar for many years.

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