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2018-1-29 Dr. Shi Hu:Synthesis and Application of Multi-scale Ultrafine Nanostructures

Title of Lecture:Synthesis and Application of Multi-scale Ultrafine Nanostructures

Lecturer:Dr. Shi Hu



Venue:Academic Hall (2307), School of Materials Science and Engineering, Chang’an Campus

Hosted by:School of Materials Science and Engineering

Profile of the Lecturer:Dr.Shi Hu is a researcher of department of chemistry, Tianjin University. Hegraduated from Nanjing University in 2006 and received his Ph.D. from TsinghuaUniversity in 2012. He had also completed postdoctoral research in Departmentof Materials Science at North Carolina State University and Department ofMechanical Engineering at Penn State University. He has long been engaged inthe research of ultrafine nanostructures and research results has beenpublished in many key journals such as J Am Chem Soc, Nano Lett, Small, ChemEur J, Nanoscale and Chem Soc Rev, etc, which had been cited for more than1,000 times. He also was selected Tianjin thousand people plan youth project in2016 and become a researcher in department of chemistry of Tianjin University.Dr. hu current research is focused onultra-fine scale nano-materials control synthesis, semiconductor heterojunctiongas sensing, photocatalysis and electrocatalytic nitrogen fixation,electrocatalytic carbon dioxide reduction, etc.

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