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2018-3-22 Prof. Seo Tatsuhiko(妹尾達彥):From Wuzhou to Litang: Luoyang of Wu Zetian and Chang’an of Xuanzong

Title of Lecture:From Wuzhou to Litang: Luoyang of Wu Zetian and Chang’an of Xuanzong

Lecturer:Prof. Seo Tatsuhiko(妹尾達彥)

Host:Prof. Zhou Xiaowei

Commentator:Prof. Du Wenyu



Venue:Lecture Hall, District A, Wenhui Building

Hosted by:School of History and Civilization

Profile of the Lecturer:Tatsuhiko Seo (妹尾 達彦Seo Tatsuhiko) is a Japanese historian and professor who has written a number of books about Japan and China. As of 2008 he is a professor of Chuo University's Faculty of Literature.

Born in 1952 in a town in Hiroshima Prefecture and raised in West Tokyo, he graduated in 1977 from Ritsumeikan University Faculty of Letters, Department of Oriental History. In 1979 he received a master's degree from Osaka University Graduate School of Letters. In 1983, he received his PhD degree from the same university, same department. After graduation, he became an associate professor, serving at the Hokkaido University of Education and then the University of Tsukuba (for history and anthropology). He received his current job in 2000. Seo has authored a number of books, including The Urban Social Structure of Chang'an, 583-904, in 1983.

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