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Xin Xu (徐新): Jixian Forum (235):The Jewish Culture

Title of Lecture: The Jewish Culture

Lecturer: Prof. Xin Xu (徐新)

Host: A/Prof. Yongcheng Song

Time: 19:10-21:00

Date: 19th, Mar., 2018

Venue: Lecture Hall, District A, Wenhui Building

Hosted by: School of History and Civilization, The Institute of Jewish History and Culture of SNNU

Profile of Lecturer

Xin Xu (徐新) is the President of Chinese Jewish Cultural Research Alliance, the Dean of the Jewish Institute and professor of the School of Philosophy and Religious Studies in Nanjing University. He got the Master’s Degree of Linguistics at the University of Illinois in the United States, the Honorary Doctor of Philosophy at Bar-Ilan University in Israel, once researched in the Jewish Culture Research Centre of Harvard Univerisity as a visiting scholar, and won the Flanders Memorial Special Award of the United States. Since 1995, he has been invited to take more than 300 lectures in English over the world and is considered as the leader and the most influential scholar of Chinese Jewish Studies by the international academic community. His representative works include the Jewish Encyclopedia in Chinese, the Analysis of Anti-Semitism, Western Cultural History and Kaifeng Jews of China: Historical, Cultural and Religious Studies that is wrote in English and published in the United States.


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