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Muse and Dong Lang: What makes literature become literature?

Title of Lecture: Muse and Dong Lang: What makes literature become literature?

Lecturer: Professor Xu Xinjian

Time: 15:00-17:00

Date: April 20,2018

Venue: Academic reporting Hall of the education Museum Main Building

Hosted by:Professor Li Yongping

About the Lecture:

Literary anthropology focuses on the humanity of literature and the literariness of anthropology. From the perspective of literary anthropology, to re-explan the existence of literature and its significance, we must pay attention to what makes literature become literature. Muse is a literary goddess inherited from Greek mythology in Western traditions. Donglang is a folk song teacher living in the Miao village in southwest China. Both are related to "literature", but their identity and destiny are far from one another. Muse has been circulated through the historical process for a long time. Dong Lang is endangered in the containment of the outside world. Muse and Dong Lang represent the "inheritance" of human life, because it only makes people adult, making people become imaginative, can think deeply, will create cultural creatures. Human literariness is the “inheritance” of human life. The literariness of human being

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