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ICT Implementation and Students’ Learning and Development

Lecturer:Hong Song



Venue:Academichall (first floor),WenLan building,International Business School,Chang'an Campus

Hosted by:Center for Experimental Economics in Education

About the Lecture:

This paper examines the effect of a ICT implementation program on college students’initial labor market performance. Exploiting the largest and most representative survey for college students, we adopt a difference-in-difference strategy to deal with the endogeneity problem. The results provide some evidence that the ICT implementation program has positive impact on students’wage for their first job in career. The program are found to has no impact on their academic achievements in college. While the program significantly improves students’skills in using computer and interest in study, it also increases their time allocated in entertainment, including computer games and other entertainments and reduces the time allocated to study and internship.

Profile of the Lecturer:

Song Hong is an assistant professor in School of Economics, Fudan University. She obtained PhD degree in Economics from National University of Singapore in 2017, and obtained BA degree in Economics from Fudan University in 2013. Hong’s research field is in Labor Economics and development economics. Her paper has been published in Journals suchJournal of Labor Economics.

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