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Shining in the East While Raining in the West: Cultural Elements in Business Chinese

Lecturer: Prof. Zhu Yongping, University of Notre Dame

Date: June 15, 2018 (Friday)

Time: 14:30 pm-17:30 pm

Place: Wendao Hall, Chongwu Building, Yanta Campus

Hosted by: International School of Chinese Studies

Bio of Prof. Zhu Yongping:

Associate professor ofUniversity of Notre Dame(tenure),Deanof the Department ofEast Asian Language andCulture,andformerdeanof theDepartment ofChinese.He received his Bachelor of Arts in Chineseliteratureand MA in Chinese linguistics from Shaanxi Normal University in 1982 and 1987.In 1994 and 2002, he receivedhismaster’sdegreeandPh.Din Chinese linguistics fromtheUniversity of Minnesota.Heoncetaught at Princeton University, Washington University in St. Louis, University of Wisconsin and University of Mississippi, teachingChinese language, ancient Chinese,history of theChineselanguage,an introduction tolinguistics as well asculture and literature in all grades.Hismain research areas are the history of Chinese language development and second language acquisition and teaching methods.He has authored themonographGrammaticalization of ChinesePrepositions(English, 2010),severalChinese textbooks, andpublisheda number of Chinese and English papers indomestic and foreignacademic journals.Hisrecentlypublished papersinclude“Research on acquisition of resultant complements in Chinese and corresponding teaching methods”(English, 2014) and“Thedevelopment oftheform and meaning and function wordsofChinese characters: on teaching Chinese characters as a foreign language”(2018).

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