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Business Chinese: Learning Motivation, Linguistic Features and Teaching Methods

Lecturer: Prof. Liu Lening, Columbia University

Date: June 15, 2018 (Friday)

Time: 9:00 am--12:00 am

Place: Wendao Hall, Chongwu Building, Yanta Campus

Hosted by: International School of Chinese Studies

Bio of Prof. Liu Lening:

Professor of the Department ofEast Asian LanguagesandCultures,Columbia University,Dean of the Department of Chinese, USPresident of the ConfuciusInstituteatColumbia University anddirector of the teachers program forChinese asasecond language.Directorandexecutive directorof International Society for Chinese Language Teaching, director of International Association of Chinese Linguistics, and director of North American Center for Chinese Research.He received his Ph.D. in linguistics from University of Florida in 1996. His main research areasincludehistorical syntax, textual grammar and methodologyof theChineselanguageteaching.Since July 1995, he has taughtintheDepartment ofEast AsianLanguagesand Cultures,Columbia University. Since July 2008, hehasalsobeendirector of theProgram for Chinese as a ForeignLanguageTeachingof Columbia University.Liu Lening is the editor in chief ofChinese International Education(Hong Kong) and editor or consultant of various academic journals. He also participated in the compilation ofChinese TeachersManual,Approaching China,Study in Chinaand other academic monographs and Chinese textbooks, and published many academic papers.

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