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2018 Sino-Finnish Joint Learning Innovation Institute “Future Learning and Innovative Talents” Forum

09:00-09:20, August 20, 2018, Opening Ceremony

Host:Wang Zhenhong, Dean of School of Psychology of Shaanxi Normal University

Official of Ministry of Education

Conference organizer: Prof. You Xvqun, President of Shaanxi Normal University Chairman of Jolii (China): Prof. Zhou Zuoyu,Vice President of BNU

Chairman of Jolii (Finland): Prof. Hannele Niemi, UNESCO Chair of Education


09:20-11:50, August 20, 2018 Keynote speech

Host: Associate professor Wang Jun, vice dean of the Faculty of Psychology, BNU

Keynote speechⅠ:Selectivity Learning and Innovation Development of College StudentsProf. Chen Shijian,Vice President of Southwest University

Keynote SpeechⅡ:LUMA Center Finland–new solutions and pedagogical innovations for math,science and technology education throughthe newest research.JuhaOikkonen, Vice Director of LUMA Finland

Keynote SpeechⅢ:What do innovations mean in teaching and learning – towards quality of learning for all studentsProf. Hannele Niemi, UNESCO Chair of Education, Finnish Chair of Jolii Institute

Keynote SpeechⅣ:Dr. Mika Tirronen, Advisor to the President, University of Turku,former Counsellor of Science and Education at the Embassy of Finland


14:00-17:30,August 20, 2018 Keynote speech

Host:Associate Professor Teng Jun, deputy director, Institute of International and comparative Education

Keynote SpeechⅤ:Understanding and promoting the changing relationship: digital environment and students’ developmentProf. Zhou Zongkui, Central China Normal University

Keynote SpeechⅥ:Positive CV, introduction of a versatile skill documentation platformLotta Uusitalo-Malmivaara, University of Helsinki

Keynote Speech VII: Reflection on the integration of teachers ' education under the background of “Double First-Class”Chen Peng, Dean of education, Shaanxi Normal University

Keynote Speech VIII:Cultural foundations of the success of Finnish education and lessons forChinese education reform

Cai Yuzhuo, University of Tampere

Keynote Speech IX:Comparative Study of How to Build 21stCentury Skills for Student Teachers in Pre-service Teacher Education in Finland and in China.Teng Jun, Beijing Normal University

Keynote Speech X: Pre-primary school children creating “the living art exhibition”

Inkeri Ruokonen, University of Helsinki.

Keynote Speech XI:The Research on Design and Practices for the Project-based Learning based on National Curriculum Under

the Blended Learning environment.Zhang Wenlan, Shaanxi Normal University

Keynote Speech XII:The Potential of Digital Games to Engage Students in Collaborative Mathematics Learning

Liu Min,Beijing Normal University


17:00-17:20,August 20, 2018

Closing Ceremony of Main Forum, Opening Ceremony of Sub-Forum

Distinguished guest: Pro. Liu Jia, Dean of BNU Faculty of Psychology and Jolii Institute


20:00-21:00,August 20, 2018

Board Meeting of Sino-Finnish Joint Learning Innovation institute


09:00-10:30,August 21, 2018,Sub-Forum ReportTheme 1(Lin Danhua)

Theme : Maker Education

Panel 1 speakers:

Promoting ‘maker thinking’ through user experience education and practice

Liu Wei, BNU.

Designing tangible and embodied interaction

Colin Gray, Purdue University.

The Development of School Teaching-based Research Activities as a Key to Facilitate Collaborative and Innovative Learning

Hong Jianzhong, Central China Normal University.


10:50-12:30, August 21, 2018, Sub-Forum Report Theme 2(Jun Teng)

Theme: Reform and Cooperation of Education in China and Finland

Panel 2 speakers:

Li Yanping, Shanxi Normal University.The Reform of Applied Science Universities in Finland and Its Implication for China.

Shang Junjie, Peking University.The Value and Trends of Game-based Learning.

Liu Liusheng, Yunnan Normal University. The Evolution of Higher Education Policies in Finland and Its Implication for China

Ma Jinyuan, Southern University of Science and Technology. The Reflections of Chinese Higher Education Reform:

Comparative Perspectives in China and Finland.

Yu Wei, Principal of Primary School of Northeast Normal University.A Tentative Study of Inductive Teaching with Process in Primary School.

Johanna Kallo, University of Turku. Perceptions of the Future of Quality Assurance and Evolution of Education: Comparative Perspectives.

Discussant: Cai Yuzuo, Tampere University.


14:00-15:30,August 21, 2018Sub-Forum Theme 3(Li Baoping)

ThemeThe Use of ICT in Education

Panel 3 speakers:

Jenny Niu, Hannele Niemi, University of Helsinki. Teachers’ Pedagogical Role as Mediators in Leading and Guiding Students’

Learning in Digital Storytelling (DST).

Zhang Lishan, BNU.Domain-specific dynamic problem solving ability assessment

Zhao Yu, Director of Technological Products of Tstudy. Smart Learning Based on Digital Pen and Paper.

Chen Wen, BNU. The Interleaving Effect of Subject Matter and Perceptual Modality on Students’ Attention and Learning:

Evidence from Behavioral and Electrophysiological Measures.


15:50-17:30,August 21, 2018,Sub-Forum Theme 4(Jin Mengfei)

Theme: Teacher Professional Development and Practices in China and Finland

Host: Jin Mengfei, Director of International Education andTeacher Development Center,

School of Continuing Education and Teacher Training, BNU.

Panel 4 speakers:

Hannele Niemi, University of Helsinki. Teacher Education Forum – a new initiative from Ministry of Education and culture in Finland

Zhang Sheng, LIU Min,BNU. A Study on National Training of New Faculty in Mid-western University in China in 2016.

Ashley Simpson, Shanghai University of Finance and Economy.‘Intercultural education’ for whom? By whom? Dialogues with China and Finland.

Xie Yindi, BNU. The Comparison of Teacher Professional Development Between Finland and China.

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