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The behavior of economic theory research deepens innovation and development prospect--on the academic focus of the Nobel Prize in the past two years

Lecturer: Dr. Guocheng WANG

Lecture time:1930-2100  THU NOVEMBER 8, 2018

Venue: Room 1101, Wenlan Building

Professor CV

Guocheng WANG, doctor of economics (bachelor of science, master of engineering), researcher of institute of quantity economy and technical economy, graduate school professor, doctoral supervisor; Experts enjoying special subsidies from the state council; Executive director of China society of quantity economics, deputy director of academic committee, director of national society of game theory and experimental economics, director of national interdisciplinary society of economic complexity. Outstanding scholar of quantity economics in China; A senior scholar studying in the United States. Wang guo-cheng has been devoted to the basic research, theoretical development and application of game theory and quantitative economics for a long time, especially in the combination of modern economics and China's economic theory construction and interdisciplinary research. He has published 8 individual monographs, including introduction to computational social science -- from micro-behavior to macro-emergence, and co-authored more than 10 books, deputy editor of the general encyclopedia of China (3rd edition), and co-editor of the series on game theory and experimental economics (1-4 volumes (2006 -- 2009), and 5 translations. More than 100 Chinese and English research papers (including SSCI papers) have been published in domestic and foreign authoritative magazines such as China social science and economic research and relevant academic journals. He has presided over the national major scientific research program (973) project, hosted and completed 4 national natural science foundation and social science foundation projects, many provincial and ministerial major projects and general projects, and hosted, researched or participated in international cooperation projects and international academic exchange activities for several times, as well as the china-uk cooperation project (ES/N00762X/1).

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