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A Discussion of the Study of Unearthed Literature and Ancient Chinese Vocabulary

Lecturer:Chen Weiwu

Time: 14:30-17:00

Date:November 27, 2018

Venue: Conference Room 424, Area C, Wenhui Building on Chang'an Campus

Host by: College of Literature,Shaanxi Normal University

About the Lecture:Wu Chenweiwas born in Chenghai,Guangdongprovince onAugust 1962. He has studied under Professor Pan Yunzhong and Professor Zeng Xiantong.Now,he is aprofessor of Chinese Department at Sun Yat-Sen University, a doctoral tutor, and the director of the Institute of Ancient Chinese Characters at Sun Yat-Sen University. His main research directions areAncientChineseCharacters andUnearthedLiterature, ChineseLanguage Historyand other academic field. His works includeOn Military Documents in Silks and Bamboos,Structure and Propagation of Regional Culture, etc;He haspublishedmore than 70 papersinChinese Language,Journal of Chinese Linguistics,ResearchofAncientChineseCharactersand other academic journals. At present, he is a director of the Chinese Language Association, director and secretary-general of the Chinese Ancient Characters Research Association,executive director of the Chinese Character Society and member of the Academic Committee of the Chinese Character Museum. From 1999 to 2005, he went to The Chinese University of Hong Kong to conduct collaborative research. The subjectswere"HistoricalMaterials ofUnearthed from the Warring States Period of the Chu Dynasty" and"Study on theApproximatePhenomenon Seen intheChuSlips ofthe Warring States Period". He has presided over several projects of the National Social Science Fund Project and the Ministry of Education.

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