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Two phase approach to find a better managerial solution for systems with addition-min fuzzy relational inequalities

主讲人: Professor, Sy-Ming Guu

Chang Gung University

时 间:2018年12月20日 14:30—16:30

地 点:长安校区文澜楼1101报告厅

主办单位: 国际商学院


Professor Sy-Ming Guu has joined and been recognized as distinguished professor in College of Management, Chang Gung University since Aug. 2012and where he served as the Dean from 08/2013 to 07/2018. Prof.Guu obtained his Ph.D. degree in Operations Research from Stanford University in 1993. HejoinedYuan Ze Universityin 1993-2012andhad variousprofessorshipsthere in departments of industrial engineering and management (1993-2000), information management (2000-2002), andbusiness administrationmanagement(2002-2012), respectively. His current research interests include optimization and nonlinear analysis, matrix theory and fuzzy dynamic systems,operations managementand applying OperationsResearchmodels tostudy some healthcare management issues.

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