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Lv Ping's study on dunefields published in Nature Communications



Prof. Lv Ping's research paper Unravelling raked linear dunes to explain the coexistence of bedforms in complex dunefields (http://www.nature.com/articles/ncomms14239)  has been published in Nature Communications, the first time an Shaanxi Normal University scholar published in this internationally prestigious journal as first author and correspondence author.

Lv Ping is a special appointment professor in the Shaanxi province "100 Talents Program" at SNNU's School of Tourism and Environmental Studies and a member of Prof. Dong Zhibao's research team of Surficial Process and Aeolian Landform.

The research finds out that raked linear dunes keep a constant orientation for considerable distances with a marked asymmetry between a periodic pattern of semi-crescentic structures on one side and a continuous slope on the other. Here we show that this shape is associated with a steady-state dune type arising from the coexistence of two dune growth mechanisms. Primary ridges elongate in the direction of the resultant sand flux. Semi-crescentic structures result from the development of superimposed dunes growing perpendicularly to the maximum gross bedform-normal transport. In the particular case of raked linear dunes, these two mechanisms produces primary and secondary ridges with similar height but with different orientations, which are oblique to each other. The raked pattern develops preferentially on the leeward side of the primary ridges according to the direction of propagation of the superimposed bedforms. As shown by numerical modelling, raked linear dunes occur where both these oblique orientations and dynamics are met.

Nature Communications is a bimonthly peer-reviewed open access scientific journal published online-only by the Nature Publishing Group since 2010 and it publishes high-quality research in biology, physics, chemistry, Earth sciences, and all related areas.

It is the another high-level research paper published by the team in top international journal, after the one published in Nature Geoscience in 2014.

Up to now, SNNU has 42 Shaanxi province "100 Talents Program" special appointment professors, including 11 in School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, six in School of Physics and Information Technology, School of Life Science and School of Tourism and Environmental Studies respectively, four in School of Materials Science and Engineering, three in School of Chinese Language and Literature, two in School of Foreign Languages and School of Computer Science respectively, and one in School of Mathematics and Information Science and Center for Land Resources in Northwest China respectively.

Lv Ping has published more than 20 papers in SCI journals like Nature Communications, Nature Geoscience, Environmental Earth Sciences, and hosted multiple research projects of China National Natural Science, China Postdoctoral Science Fund and Chinese Academy of Sciences. Her research interest is numerical simulation of Aeolian physics and arid area Aeolian landform.

Text by Feng Wei

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