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Nine SNNU research projects win 2016 Shaanxi S&T Awards



Nine Shaanxi Normal University research projects have won the 2016 Shaanxi Provincial Science and Technology Awards, as Shaanxi Provincial Government released its list of commendation recently.

The nine projects include six second awards and three third awards, among the 39 first awards, 107 second awards and 109 third awards in the province.

The second award projects are the study of multiferroic materials headed by Zhou Jianping of School of Physics and Information Technology, School of Materials Science and Engineering, the green high-efficiency organic synthesis method headed by Wei Junfa of School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, the study of synthesis, growth mechanism and physical and chemical properties of semi-conductor nano-materials headed by SMSE's Yang Heqing, the study of the chemical and molecular nutrition of food flavones and functional sugar headed by Yang Xingbin of School of Food Engineering and Nutrition Science (in collaboration with the Fourth Military Medical University), the fast-detection technology for thermophilic bacteria in fruit juices headed by SFENS's Li Jianke, and the study of pomegranate preservation technology (in collaboration with Xiekou Supply and Marketing Cooperative of Lintong District) headed by SFENS's Zhang Youlin.

The third award projects are the study of application of nano-materials in photo-electric analysis headed by SCCE's Zheng Xingwang, the study of parasitic gyrodactylus in fish in Qinling Mountains headed by You Ping of School of Life Science, and the study of urban development and ecological evolution headed by Lu Xinwei of School of Tourism and Environmental Studies.

Text by Feng Wei

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