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Han Gang lectures about Wu Zixu on CCTV' Legal Forum



Shaanxi Normal University's Dr. Han Gang is to speak in a nine-episode lecture The Revenge of Wu Zixu at the program Legal Forum on the Channel 12 of China Central Television scheduled on air from February 15 to 23.

The lectures tell the story of Wu Zixu (559 - 484 B.C.), an senior official and military strategist in the Spring and Autumn Period, who avenged his father and brother's deaths.

The lectures are recorded for the Literature and History Edition of Legal Forum of the national TV station's channel of society and law, which explores Chinese and foreign legal cultures, discloses major cases in history and tells stories of legendary legal professionals.

Dr. Han, a teacher of SNNU's School of Marxism, has won the third award in the first SNNU Young Teacher Teaching Contest and received the 2010-2011Outstanding Teaching Quality Award, and this is his third lecture appearance on CCTV after the 2014 Macheng Injustice Case and the 2016 Li Fuda' Treason Case.

Text by Feng Wei

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