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Guests from Brera Academy of Italy visit School of Fine Arts



       On April 5, guests from the Academy ofFine Arts of Brera (Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera) of Italy visited ShaanxiNormal University's School of Fine Arts.

       Brera vice president Giuseppe Bonini,Stage Art Department head Davide Petulla, painting professor Italo Chiodi andcontemporary art history professor Raffaella Pulejo met with SNNU InternationalPrograms Office dean Xu Feng and SFA heads.

       Xu Feng briefed the guests about SNNU'sinternational exchange programs and international students studying at theuniversity, and hoped the two institutions could have extensive exchange andcooperation in art-related areas.

       SFA dean Feng Minsheng briefed about the recentdevelopment and achievement of the school in talent cultivation, discipline development,teacher education, teaching and research.

       Mr. Giuseppe Bonini thanked the hosts fortheir hospitality, briefed them about his academy, and expressed his wishes forfaculty and student visit and exchange programs.

       After discussing details of the exchangeprograms and reaching preliminary consensus, they exchanged paintings andalbums as gifts.

       The guests watched the graduationexhibition of SFA students after the meeting.

       The Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, foundedin 1776, is a state-run tertiary public academy of fine arts in Milan, Italy. Theacademy has three departments of the department of visual arts, the departmentof design and applied art, and the department of communication and education inart. Alumni of the academy include the playwright Dario Fo, recipient of the1997 Nobel Prize in Literature; painter, sculptor and founder of Spatialism LucioFontana; and production designer and art director Gianni Quaranta, who wasnominated for the Academy Award for Best Art Direction.

Text by Feng Wei

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