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24 SNNU Post-doc researchers supported by China Post-doctoral Fund



Twenty four post-doctoral researchers of Shaanxi Normal University have been granted fund support from China Post-doctoral Science Foundation, according to the results of the 61st general fund approval released by the Foundation recently.

Four of them will receive first-degree funding and the rest 20 will receive second-degree funding.

They are among the 3275 researchers nationwide to receive the fund, and among the 45 first-degree and 215 second-degree funding receivers in Shaanxi province.

The degree and affiliation information of the fund receiving researchers in the university are as follows: 

Serial No. Degree     Name of Researcher        Name of Collaborative Advisor        MobileResearch Station

1       First Li Danli     WangZhenhong       Psychology

2       First Shi Peihong       DuanKeqin       Geography

3       First Li Weidong        GuoJianxiong  Theoretical Economics

4       First Liu Junjun          ZhouWeizhou  Ethnology

5       Second     Wang Hui          YouXilin   Philosophy

6       Second     Yang Xiaohua   Yuan Zhushe    Philosophy

7       Second     Cheng Jin WangBei Marxist Theory

8       Second     Zhang Yangyang       You Xuqun         Psychology

9       Second     Liang Hao         ZhaoXueqing   Chinese Language and Literature

10     Second     Xi Yuanchun      XingXiangdong         Chinese Language andLiterature

11     Second     Sun Xu      LiJikai       Chinese Language andLiterature

12     Second     Sun Xiaopeng   Zhang Maorong       ChineseHistory

13     Second     Yu Jiangbo        BaiKai      Business Administration

14     Second     Wang Yanhua  DongZhibao    Geography

15     Second     Nan Weige        DongZhibao    Geography

16     Second     Wang Xiaoyang        Yu Xiaoping       Ecology

17     Second     Liu Jiangtao      Lei Zhongli        Chemistry

18     Second     Liu Bin      ZhengHairong          Physics

19     Second     Wang Qian       LiuShengzhong        Materials Science andEngineering

20     Second     Su Yuping WuXiaojun       Computer Science andTechnology

21     Second     Dong Bei  WuXiaojun       Computer Science andTechnology

22     Second     Luo Ying   LiJianke   Biology

23     Second     Zhao Yongxiang        Liu Jingchun     ChineseHistory

24     Second     XuXiao     Wang Hui          Chinese History

Text by Feng Wei

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