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2017-9-4 Prof. dr. Franck Ramus:Phonological and visual deficits in developmental dyslexia

Title of Lecture: Phonological and visual deficits in developmental dyslexia

Lecturer: Prof. dr. Franck Ramus

Host: Dr. Jingjing Zhao

Time: 15:00

Date: 2017-9-4

Venue: Wendao Room,Chongyu Building,Yanta Campus

Hosted by: School of Psychology

About the Lecture:

Concurrently investigated 3 possible causes of dyslexia—a phonological deficit, visual stress, and a reduced visual attention span—in a large population of 164 dyslexic and 118 control French children, aged between 8 and 13 years old. We found that most dyslexic children showed a phonological deficit, either in terms of response accuracy (92.1% of the sample), speed (84.8%), or both (79.3%). Deficits in visual attention span, as measured by partial report ability, affected 28.1% of dyslexic participants, all of which also showed a phonological deficit. Visual stress, as measured by subjective reports of visual discomfort, affected 5.5% of dyslexic participants, not more than controls (8.5%). Although phonological variables explained a large amount of variance in literacy skills, visual variables did not explain any additional variance. Finally, children with comorbid phonological and visual deficits did not show more severe reading disability than children with a pure phonological deficit.

Profile of the Lecturer:

Dr. Franck Ramus CNRS senior research scientist and adjunct professor at the Laboratoire de Sciences Cognitives et Psycholinguistique,Institute of Cognitive Studies,Ecole Normale Supérieurein Paris, within which head the "Cognitive development and pathology" team.The research bears on the development of language and social cognition in children, its disorders (developmental dyslexia, specific language impairment, autism), its cognitive and neural bases and its genetic and environmental determinants.

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