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2017-11-3 Ding Kui Ling academician:Synthesis Creates the Future

Title of Lecture: Synthesis Creates the Future

Lecturer: Ding Kui Ling academician

Host: Professor Zheng Hairong

Time: 15:00

Date: 2017-11-3

Venue: The lecture hall of Chang 'an campus library

Hosted by: Graduate School (Graduate Student Affairs Department of Party Committee ) School of Chemistry﹠Chemi

Profile of the Lecturer:

Prof. Kuiling Ding graduated from College of Chemistry, Zhengzhou University and got his doctoral degree in Nanjing University. In 1998, he was selected in the “One-Hundred Talent Program”, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). In 2002, he was supported by the National Science Found for Distinguished Young Scholars of China. He was the chief scientist for a 973 Project (Ministry of Science and Technology, China). He is also the project leader for many key projects, such as national specific research project for novel medicine development, directional projects for National Research Foundation and CAS.

He is now a researcher in Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry CAS, and also the director of the institute. He is vice president of Chinese Chemical Society. He is an editorial board member/associate editor of several internal journals, including Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., Acc. Chem. Res., Chem. Eur. J. and Org. Lett., etc.  His awards include National Natural Science Award (second prize, 2009), Shanghai Natural Science Award (first prize, 2008), Shanghai Natural Science Peony Award (2011), Shanghai Scientific Elite (2011), Eli Lilly Scientific Excellence Award in Chemistry (2011), Sixth Huang Yaozeng Metal Organic Chemistry Prize (2014), Chinese Chemical Society Award for Chiral Chemistry (2014), Yoshida Prize of International Organic Chemistry Foundation (2015, Japan) and Humboldt Research Award (2016), etc. He was elected to fellowship of the Chinese Academy of Science in 2013.

Prof. Kuiling Ding focuses his research on organo-metallic catalyst-based asymmetric reaction and green chemistry.

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