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2017-11-27 Prof. Jiao Jie:Text Analysis of “the Book of Changes” From the Gender Perspective

Title of Lecture: Text Analysis of “the Book of Changes” From the Gender Perspective

Lecturer: Prof. Jiao Jie

Host: Prof. Li Wenqin

Time: 14:30

Date: 2017-11-27

Venue: Min-xing Lecture Hall,Cong-Yu Building,Yanta Campus

Hosted by: Woman's Culture Research Center of Shaanxi Normal University

About the Lecture:

    The scholars who research “the book of changes” attach particularly importance to the symbolic meaning of yin and yang in the two diagrams qian and kun. They also pay attention to the relationship about the traditional gender concept that it respect for men as yang and yin for the humble women. But in the hexagram and line statements of the earliest text “book of changes”, the two diagrams qian and kun are only the production of looking opon the sky and looking down the earth, and represent the good and bad of the things’ development.They have nothing to do with sexes between men and women. Even in the “tuan” and “xiang” that highly notices the qian, they also have nothing to do with sexes. But in the “wenyan” and “jici”, the qian and kun has something to do with the sexes. Qian respects the prince,the husband and the father, while kun respects the minister, the wife and the son. The presence of male superiority becomes a reasonable and natural existence. The evolution of the moral significance about the qian and kun and the combination of sexes has the close relationship with the auther’s gender position of “the book of changes” and “book of changes”.  

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